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Honestly, did we think we'd be doing the blog from the Final Four?!?!?! Well...honestly...YES! Although, when the Spartans were down by 13 to Kansas we weren't too optimistic about the chances.

So here we are. We'll be in the Motor City ready to go! We'll be at practice and the press conferences on Friday, at the games on Saturday, and hopefully at Hoop City in Cobo Hall in between...

Check back! Hopefully, we'll end up with some championship credibility in this blog!

12:11pm Friday

Adam: We made it, it's Final Four week. We are finally here! The Spartans are on the elevated floor in front of what is probably 20-25k Spartan fans. It'll be amazing to see how many MSU fans are here tomorrow for game time. The Spartans must be enjoying the scene as they practice

Outside Ford Field

On the Practice Floor...

Steve: It was tough trying to get into the stadium today! There are reports of Spartan fans sitting outside the doors at 6:30am this morning to get in!!!! The place erupted when the team came to the floor. People said it was like a big party. The band was there playing, the cheerleaders where [..]

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If you enjoyed our first blog, just wait for this one! Michigan State is amping up its game, so we have to do the same thing!

We'll be in Indy from Thursday (around noon) until Sunday night (hopefully)...So check in early and often to stay up to date on the happenings in and around Indy with Steve and Adam!

2:15pm Thursday

Adam: Disclaimer: Today was the first time I've ever tried my hand at sports photography, so bear with me.

It was a long day (or morning) but I arrived in Indy just in time to meet Will, Gus, and Steve and head to the monstrous Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. The first thing happening was the Kansas press conference...Coach Bill Self was up first. I hear that he isn't too bad a coach.....

2:33pm Thursday

Adam: Will and Steve are off goofing off somewhere (They call it work...pssh) while I keep covering the press conference. The Spartan Players are up next. The thing I like about the Spartan players is how loose they are. They sit at the podium and joke around with each other quite often. But then, Travis calms down and gives the good answers.

Steve: Will and [..]

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Adam is the "Talent"... At least that's what they say in the broadcasting industry, not that that necessarily classifies him. He's 27...Witty...and very basketball Savvy. Really, he's just a sports junkie. Oh, and he's the Broadcast Host for all of the Michigan State Basketball Broadcasts.

Steve is the "Techie"...or engineer, of the tournament broadcasts. If something sounds funny on the air, blame Steve. But seriously, he's the master of the airwaves.

Adam and Steve will be following the Spartan Basketball team all across the midwest, on the trek to the Final Four in Detroit. They will chronicle the behind the scenes action of the radio crew during an NCAA run, updating this blog with photos along the way.

Be sure to check in early and often. Or, just keep the blog up on your computer, and hit the 'ol refresh button periodically to get the latest updates on the team and the crew.


Adam: The first update is waaaay too late. I apologize for the tardiness. Because of plane delay, not having a hotel room ready for Steve when we arrived...this is long overdue. But, we have our first press [..]

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