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By Scott Moore

It's time for the American Hockey Coaches Association annual meeting down in Naples Florida. An article by Todd Milewski on USCHO points out that this year, there's a new group getting together, the Big Ten Hockey Coaches!

Todd brings up some interesting points. In Big Ten Play, sports like basketball and softball play mid-week as well as weekend games. Is there any reason hockey couldn't do the same? We all have gotten used to the "weekend series", but would it be better for the athletes to spread those game out a bit? For that matter, would it be better for the fans? Would it be easier for the fans to attend more games if they weren't played on consecutive nights? I could see where having to clear a Friday and a Saturday to go to the games could be more difficult than going on Tuesday and again on Saturday (or maybe Sunday?)

On the other side of the coin, you have the back to back games nature of post season play. Would the Big Ten suffer when it came to tournament time, if they were used to time off between games while everybody else had been playing on back to back nights? [..]

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Just one month after his tenure began, Coach Tom Anastos brought back a couple Spartan greats (Photo: MSU Athletic Communications)

By Scott Moore

You know how they always say "wait until the other shoe drops"? Usually this phrase is full of negative connotations, making the "other shoe" more of an old, dirty and beat up Chuck Taylor Hi-Top. But today the other shoe is a shiny dress wingtip.

The first wingtip to drop came back on March 23rd when Mark Hollis introduced Tom Anastos as the new Head Coach of Spartan Hockey. Immediately people started murmuring about the assistant coaching staff that Anastos would hire. "Who's he going to bring in?" "Is he going to keep any of the former assistants?" They were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Today we got to see the match to the first shoe, and in my opinion, it's a perfect fit!

Anastos announced earlier today that he is retaining Assistant Coach Tom Newton, bringing in Spartan Alumnus Kelly Miller, and bringing back Goalie Mike Gilmore, who was previously a volunteer assistant in the 90's. He's also retaining Adam Nightingale as the team's video coordinator.

Keeping Newton on the staff seemed to me to be a no-brainer. Here's a guy who has been a part of the team for 21 [..]

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By Scott Moore

The Red Wings, with two former Spartans (Justin Abdelkader and Drew Miller) are taking a well deserved break over the weekend after sweeping the Phoenix Coyotes out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But if you want to catch some other former Spartans in action, they'll be working over the holiday weekend, the question is "how much"?

Adam Hall and his Tampa Bay Lightning are still in the hunt, although they trail Pittsburgh 3 games to 1. With game five in Pittsburgh, this could be it, although as the The Tampa Tribune points out, home ice hasn't meant very much in this series. Game 5 is Saturday at noon on Vs.

Meanwhile, Duncan Keith and the defending world champion Chicago Blackhawks are finally making their presence felt after knocking off the Vancouver Canucks 5-0 on Thursday night. The Hawks have now won two straight after dropping the first three in the series. Game 6 is in the Windy City on Sunday night at 7:30pm. To see it, you'll need CBC or Comcast Sports Chicago.

Finally Ryan Miller, fresh off his 1-0 shutout win over Philadelphia on Wednesday, will be in action twice this [..]

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Not exactly the traditional playoff beard for former Spartan Ryan Miller (Courtesy: Yahoo Sports)

Bearded in Buffalo

Apr 21, 2011

by Scott MooreThere's been so much discussion about "playoff beards" over the past few years. Mostly, it's a hockey thing which started on the great Islanders teams in the 80s, but now it seems to […]

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Former Spartan Ryan Miller led the Sabres to a 1-0 victory over Philly (Photo: Getty Images)

Last night turned out to be very good for hockey players who once wore the green and white. Here in the mitten, of course, we were following the exploits of Justin Abdelkader and Drew Miller as they […]

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It's On!

Mar 20, 2011

The Committee has spoken! The NCAA Hockey Tournament bracket was unveiled on Sunday morning. How did I do? I missed on one key point. The committee once again valued attendance over fairness. My […]

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Mar 19, 2011

The teams have all been determined, Now all that's left is to figure out where they'll be placed for the NCAA Mens Ice Hockey Tournament 2011. We call it "Bracketology". Here's my best estimate […]

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