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From the Field Blog

That's one way to send the senior class out. 

In a beat down, crush em, blow out!

Michigan State took control […]

Spartans in the NFL - Week 9

Seth Newman | November, 03 2014

Brian Hoyer is now 8-3 as a starter for the Cleveland Browns. Just let that sink in. The Browns have been a bottom feeder team ever since they re-entered the league in […]

Spartans in the NFL - Week 8

Seth Newman | October, 27 2014

It was a good weekend to be a Spartan, after watching Michigan State stomp the Wolverines (again) the former Spartans in the NFL did some stomping of their own. Leading […]

Spartans Slaughter Wolverines 35-11

Seth Newman | October, 25 2014

With all the hype surrounding this game, very little bulletin board material was said before this game. 

That all […]

Men's Basketball Blog

Sometimes the flu is just what the doctor ordered? 

At around 2:30 PM on Monday, head coach Tom Izzo asked freshman Marvin Clark to come over to […]

Michigan State vs Duke Preview

Seth Newman | November, 18 2014

Michigan State will play Duke tonight in a game that doesn't mean too much in the long term picture. It's a win-win for Michigan State. If Michigan […]

Michigan State vs Navy

Seth Newman | November, 13 2014

Hard to believe its been 20 years since Tom Izzo took over as head coach of the Michigan State basketball program. A lot of great memories were made here by Izzo over the […]

Tom Izzo MSU basketball media day 2014

Seth Newman | October, 29 2014

Tom Izzo went an entire hour at the podium for Michigan State basketball media day on Tuesday. But don't worry we have it broken up for you into six parts so you can watch […]

The Hockey Blog

We’re hearing an awful lot about the impact that college defensemen are having on the professional game this season.  Hockeytown has been buzzing about the […]

My $0.02 on College Hockey realignment

| June, 14 2011

By Scott Moore

Seems like everywhere I go, the number one topic of conversation has been the Big Ten Hockey Conference, and what it will mean to the CCHA.  […]

Photo: MSU Athletic Communications

Two Month Update

| May, 25 2011

By Scott Moore

It seems hard to believe that Tom Anastos has been Michigan State's Head Hockey Coach for 2 months now.  When Tom was introduced as […]

Meet and Greet (and more playoff news)

| April, 26 2011

By Scott Moore

It's time for the American Hockey Coaches Association annual meeting down in Naples Florida.